We solve problems through data and technology.

We are Code for RVA, a Code for America Brigade. We develop partnerships with municpal leaders, nonprofits, schools, and community members to better understand and serve our city.

Work with us.

Our Next Meetup

Wednesday, February 10 @ 6:30 pm

INM United

6 attendees


For Citizens

Our goal is to effect real, meaningful, lasting, positive change for the people of Richmond. We love working with citizens and civic organizations to solve tough problems. Got a project idea, or something that needs to be fixed? Drop us a line, and let's talk about how we can help.

For Government

We help local and state agencies serve their citizens, with better access to services and information, presented in new ways. Our team can help agencies make better use of their resources, and we can take on projects that don't fit easily into an agency's day-to-day business. We're ready to work; get in touch and let us know what you need.

Get Involved

We love meeting new people who want to make a difference! Check out our projects to see what we've got going on. If you're not a coder, that's great too! We all have different skills and skill levels, but we share a drive to make a difference. Shoot us an email or stop by a meeting; we can't wait to meet you!

Let's solve a problem.

We want to hear from you whether you have a specific need, need help formulating a problem, or simply have data that could benefit Richmond citizens.